About ERH

Ex-Rent Hell is the nôme-de-chobbe of a primary school clique of cinephiles, academics, film arsonists, back-row Bonepartes and permanently baked mammy-rammers attempting to divine the demon seed lurking within the putrid, cankerous leviathan of Eighties cinema.

They'll leave no stomach unturned, no adjective unmolested, no metaphor un-bum-sexed in a fruity search for the elusive Rosetta Stone that will unlock the sweet bird of cinema from its VHS shackles and open the creaking, rusted doors of its magnetic cage to allow it to fly once more; to freedom gain.

Or, as the French Marshal Pierre Bosquet noted of that ‘Glorious Catastrophe’, the Charge of the Light Brigade, “C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre” - “Yeah, it’s good, but it’s no Ski School.”

Rewind your mind.


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