Monday, 24 January 2011

Andrew Dice Clay in M*A*S*H*: The Evidence At Last

The ERH Wrecking Crew has never been entirely sure why it has so fervently harboured its long-held desire to see its least favourite late-Eighties bully-boy comedian’s rumoured appearance in its least favourite smug TV canned laughter-fest. Call it masochism. Call it a strange compulsion to see the yawning chasm between Alan Alda’s preening erudition and the Diceman’s elephantine comedy blunderings. Call it mental degeneracy.

But now, after years of waiting, some pan-fried nutcase has finally uploaded it onto youtube for our enduring delectation. Unfortunately Alda and Clay don’t share any facetime in this clip, but thinning porn star B.J. Hunnicutt matches the Diceman’s heavily self-medicated performance with an enviable degree of confidence and √©lan. A shame, as we had always envisaged Clay spewing an unending volley of pottymouthed race-hate and putting his fist through Hawkeye's pie-hole before ploughing into a 3-ball with Klinger and Hot Lips.

Oh well, looks like we’ll just have to wait 'til someone finds that ‘lost’ Bobcat Golthwait Muppet Show appearance…

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