Monday, 30 April 2012

The I-Say Team!

Ever wondered what a sepia-tinged post-War British village green version of 'The A-Team' might be like? Neither had we until we came across this slice of raffish insouciance from YouTube bounder and corduroy-coloured cad dbroon1. Sounds like a Jocko to us, but no matter, what?

ERH ditches the movies to indulge in a spot of naked nostalgia with this ribald skit that sees Hannibal and the boys whisked away from their weekly barneys with sweaty rednecks, lisping drug lords and pan-fried gangbangers to a sepia-tinged world of gentility, reserve and powdered egg; where pratfalls have replaced RPGs and problems are solved not with high speed car chases and cabbage-firing bazookas but with a stern open letter to The Times.

Carry on!

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