Thursday, 16 June 2011

Caption Comp #3: The Serpent

"Ah. Now, I know how this looks..."

Dapper spymaster Dirk Bogarde's got his work cut out explaining away an al fresco dinner/mano-e-baldo swing session with foreign agent Yul Brynner in this charged, intimate still from 1973's stodgiest Euro-pudding The Serpent (co-starring Henry Fonda, Virna Lisi, and featuring sterling support from the likes of Igor De Savitch, Herbert Fux and ERH's new favourite, Ernst Fritz Furbringer).

The bloke in the bottom corner seems to be resolutely onside, but that ludicrous poppinjay in the centre of the frame doesn't look like he's having any of it, thank you very much.

Fruitiest caption wins a commemorative ERH mug...

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