Friday, 8 July 2011

Production Notes: Condorman

At the risk of incurring the full-bore legal wrath Uncle Walt's litigious minions - ERH has seen 'The Simpsons' and knows how this shit goes down - we offer up this pristine set of production notes for 1981's Condorman that we found whilst rooting around the basement looking for misfiled bongo.

An ironic, plasticky, underfunded, Mittel-European superhero dud starring a gormless English sitcom star? What could go wrong...?

Production Notes: Condorman

"... Natalia is free at last, and to celebrate, Woody arranges a treat she could never have exerienced in Russia: box seats ata Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game and a "Welcome" message from the Goodyear blimp..."

Take that, Ivan!

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