Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Trailer Time: Dr. Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs

Whilst trudging around Youtube looking for the definitive rushed, drunken, atonal fancy-dress rendition of the 'Afternoon Delight' scene from Anchorman, ERH stumbled upon this sumptuously odd trailer for Vincent Price's sexy '66 spy spoof Dr. Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs.

Released in its native Italy as The Spy Show Came In From The Custard (fact!), it recalls a bygone age when the viewing public was more inclined to tolerate 'tongue-in-cheek' terrorists like Dr. Goldfoot and his vast harem/army of gamine fembots who are armed to the teeth with go-go boots and - gulp! - 'thermo-nuclear navels'. It might never have reached the lunatic heights of '64's Dr. G & the Bikini Machine, but what could, dear reader? What could..?

And while you're still in the mood, check this chilling pearl of underwater puppet-mastery from an episode of sub-aquatic 'Star Trek' precursor 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' that has since come to be known simply as 'Vincent Price's Deadly Dolls'...

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