Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Photo Archive: The Great Boo's Up!

It's Richard Widmark's high-shelf hooch against Walter Matthau's endless supply of stagnant Yankee piss-water as ERH finds two of cinema's smoothest operators in a bit of a funk and reverting back to the loudmouth soup for some much needed succor in our downtrod dipsomaniac diptych.

Widmark has perhaps more of a claim to his bender as a broke-ass rodeo rider who's running out of options in the not-at-all-self-regardingly titled When The Legends Die - the weak sister of the early-Seventies rodeo movie boom that included Junior Bonner, JW Coop, The Honkers (!) et al - but on the other hand, Matthau has spent all day with Little League hoodlums The Bad News Bears - an outfit that makes the Wild Bunch look like a gaggle of winsome milquetoasts - so maybe we should allow him to get equally gutterballed.

Drink hearty, boys!

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