Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Photo Archive: Tank Girl (1995)

Mad Max makes macropodine merriment in the make-up box for 1995's post-apocalyptic riot-grrrl meltdown Tank Girl - and ERH has the pictures to prove it. A 'rooed up Ice-T (for 'tis the Cop Killer, above right), Malcom McDowell, Naomi Watts and Iggy Pop are all on hand to ping the titular Lori Petty from pillar to post in a film that kicks off like Jesus's Own Howitzer only to dribble away like a Supersoaker full of hot corned beef. Some nice photos though, including some crunky behind the scenes kanga-rudity (honk!)...

Photo Archive: Tank Girl (1995)

Click to enbizzle...

Sancho Panzer
Lady Gaga: The Martin Crane Years
Now THIS explains a few things!
Joey beacons
'Roo looking at me?' (c) All tabloid sport sub-editors

And chizzle these weirdo production stizzles we were too lazy/witless to caption...

Cauliflower penis, y'all!

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