Sunday, 6 May 2012

Photo Archive: Lemon Popsicle (1977)

From back in the days when film mags weren't afraid to emblazon their covers with Jewish jailbait comes this... notable... issue of much-beloved but long-defunct mag 'Films and Filming' - the weird uncle of UK film magazines - featuring a couple of horny Hebrews from the excellent Lemon Popsicle (think Mean Streets meets Porky's in suburban Tel Aviv).

ERH found this copy mixed in with a pile of vintage bongo on a railway siding, but more can be found here. 'F+F-ing' mag cover policy would seem to have been to choose images on a dare after nine pints of wallop in The Coach and Horses of a Friday lunchtime. Try, for example, clicking on 1978 and scrolling down to #285 for an even more alarming cover that sees Bud Cort posing as 'Willy, Hitler's Son' and sporting an itty-bitty spider as a moustache!

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