Friday, 11 May 2012

Satin Crew Jacket Heaven

The ERH Fashion Desk is a much maligned section of our vast sprawling organ, but even a blind squirrel finds the odd nut, and they've stumbled across a real blinder in the net's premier resource for Vintage TV and Film Crew Jackets.

Standouts are an unglued drug-busting cartoon on this silver 'Miami Vice' number, a ghoulish burgundy 'Night Court' jacket and this cooler-than-school 'Baretta' windbreak. But ERH's favourite has to be this slick, hi-tech, midnight black street-tough jacket knocked out to accompany warm, fuzzy MASH spin-off 'Trapper John M.D.'

ERH is now heading over to ebay with the housekeeping money and the sad, pitiful illusion that our ungainly bucket-gut and curiously misshapen frames could ever actually pull one of these babies off. See you there!

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