Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"Nobody fucks with the Fountain!"

We're sure you'll need no reminding that John Turturro was molesting the scenery well before his iconic turn as Jesus Quintana in 1998's enduring (Dutch) coffee-house fave The Big Lebowski, but whilst we were rooting through the files for random bongo on this torpid, back-to-work weekday we found this 8x10 hymn to King Tut's long-gone craziness.

Sprung from the production notes to painfully whimsical 1996 indiefest Box of Moonlight, this gonzoidal still of him as unglued salaryman Al Fountain recalls his boiling point psychotics of yore. We're thinking Herbie Stempel in Quiz Show, or Pino from Do the Right Thing, or, of course, Roland K. Flakfizer in Dennis Dugan's harrowing mental health allegory Brain Donors - co-starring Blighty's own Mel Smith as - oh, brother! - Rocco Melonchek.

Would you fuck with the Fountain?

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