Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Photo Archive: B.S. I Love You (1971)

ERH has craved many things in its time - a definitive walk-through of the plot of Highlander II, to one day complete its Boondock Saints commemorative Mickey's Big Mouth beer-glass set, a harmonic cloud of well-being and understanding enveloping Mother Earth and all her offspring - but now all it wants is to be this guy!

It's a slice of double-breasted wonder that exists as a production still from 1971 advertising satire/ill-disguised softcore no-no B.S. I Love You, but all that really matters to us is if this guy can carry off that look, then ERH is going to bust out the brown leather three-quarter-length, owl-print silk neckerchief and Sta-Prest nut-smugglers stat!

Click through for a couple more crunky stills from the film, none of which, it must be said, approach the handlebarred majesty of the above, but what could? What could..?

Photo Archive: B.S. I Love You (1971)

'Are those matzoh balls in your pocket, or... Oh, they are matzoh balls...'
If you put fur on him, he'd be a Muppet
Kate Middleton: The Bongo Years
'If you feed me on pears, I shall cry only cider'
Stay gold, muchachos!

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