Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The ERH Advent Calendar: Day S-S-Seven

Day Seven of our wrong-headed Yuletide meltdown and it's up, up and away with nobody's favourite early-Nineties military spoof...

The ERH Advent Calendar: Day S-S-Seven

People rag on the Sheen, but he's one of the very last old-timey movie stars we have left. We don't mean to say that he's a classic screen presence in the mould of a Clark Gable or a Chevy Chase, but rather that he's the last man standing when it comes to full-bore off-screen sex, drugs, guns and violence. You just don't get those kind of spills from the buff creche of twelve year old anodyne abstinence-monkeys currently swinging across our screens.

Topper Harley, we salute you!

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