Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The ERH Advent Meltdown: Day Twenty One

Day twenty one of our advent adventure might well be a clown, but we can't all be lion tamers, now, can we..?

The ERH Advent Meltdown: Day Twenty One

ERH tried to watch Neil Jordan's High Spirits last Christmas but despite what it perceived to be a salty script crisply delivered by a fine cast it didn't last long because every line, sound effect and musical cue was delivered at so shrill, frenzied and deafening a level that it made our false teeth hurt. No matter; this sprightly still featuring hasn't-he-been-superannuated-since-the-late-Seventies? Peter O'Toole in fine form as a twisting Irish land baron putting the hurt on some gullible, corn fed Yanks still has us jigging and reeling like buckled dollies...

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