Monday, 20 December 2010

The ERH Advent Cavalcade: Day Twenty

Day Twenty of our Crimbo countdown and the Yuppies are harshing our advent vibe...

The ERH Advent Cavalcade: Day Twenty

Eric Roberts and Cheech Marin mug, pratfall and toke their way through Day Twenty of our increasingly seat-o'-the-pants advent rundown in best-forgotten Hippies vs. Yuppies parable Rude Awakening. As subtle as a burning cathedral, it comes as some surprise to find this dunderpated farrago was written by Richard LaGravenese, the script wizard behind such stultifying heritage pictures as The Horse Whisperer and The Mirror Has Two Faces. Stranger still is that co-director (gulp!) Aaron Russo's only other directorial credit was a documentary called America: Freedom to Fascism, all of which might suggest that there are darker, more subversive undercurrents running beneath Rude Awakening's crass, witless, airheaded, keep-on-truckin'! idiocy than one might have dared imagine... Either that or ERH is high on speedballs of brandysnaps and mouldy 'nog. It's hard to tell at this stage.

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