Thursday, 16 December 2010

The ERH Seasonal Cinematic Sequence: Day Sixteen

We join Sean Connery's globetrotting TV journalist for some satire, spills and gold-standard sexism in Day Sixteen of our Crimbo carnivale...

The ERH Seasonal Cinematic Sequence: Day Sixteen

Prescient geopolitical meta-satire or lumpen old-school travelogue? The producer's of 1982's The Man With the Deadly Lens (aka Wrong is Right) evidently felt it was the former when they hung the albatross of a tagline 'A Dr. Strangelove for the Eighties!' around its neck. Today it feels more like Borat for the 'Mad Men' set, but let's put all that to one side and join the inexpertly syrupped Sean and some revolting Mexicans for a cup of Xmas cheer!

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