Sunday, 19 December 2010

The ERH Advent Roundelay: Day Nineteen

You'll have to pry your tiny, feeble allotment of grayish, waxy, misshapen advent chocolate from Day Nineteen's cold, dead hands...

The ERH Advent Roundelay: Day Nineteen

Charlton Heston is dressed to kill in this sublime still from the 1971 take on what is by now a growing number of lame attempt to bring Richard Matheson's chilling sci-fi novel 'I Am A Legend' to the screen. This Xmas greeting from The Omega Man finds Chuck in playful mood, well oiled and slotting zombie vampires from his rooftop lair whilst attired in a rather dashing smoking jacket. It also presciently combines the sly post-post-modernist urban chills of 'The Walking Dead' with the hepdaddy playboy chic of 'Mad Men'...

Hope you make it to New Year, Chuck!

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